International flights

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The most popular and convenient way to get to Uzbekistan  is to fly by air to the capital, Tashkent. The main airport of the country is Tashkent International airport named after I. A Karimov. Also, international flights to various destinations are served by the airports of Samarkand, Bukhara, Urgench, Nukus, Navoi, Namangan, Andijan, Termez, Fergana and Karshi.

Tashkent International airport after I. A. Karimov

The largest airport in Central Asia –  Tashkent International airport, located in the city, five kilometers to the south-east of Tashkent. Thanks to its convenient location, you can reach any point of the city in 20 minutes.

Tashkent airport has two terminals. The distance between the terminals is 7 kilometers. Taxis and buses run between the terminals. Also, for tourist groups is available the service of transportation “Shuttle bus” between the terminals according to the preliminary applications of tourist organizations.

Terminal Tashkent-2  is used by passengers moving to the far and near distances, terminal is equipped with modern equipment. In the departure and arrival halls, the landing galleries are equipped with 4 telescopic ramps.

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National and foreign air companies

Uzbekistan Airways – National air company

The main air company of the country – Uzbekistan Airways NAC, was founded in January, 28, 1992. The airline ensures the development, coordination and implementation of policy in the field of air transport in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as abroad. The main criteria in the activities of the National airline –  Safety, Stability and Comfort.

Uzbekistan Airways operates regular flights from more than 40 cities around the world, such as London, Frankfurt on Maine, Paris, Beijing, Bangkok, Delhi, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, new York, Seoul and tel Aviv. In addition, Uzbekistan Airways offer flights to many CIS countries, as well as within Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Airways representations operates in 25 countries around the world.

Address of the main office:

«Uzbekistan Airways» – National air company

41, Amir Temur avenue, Tashkent, 100060, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone/fax:  (998 78) 140 46 23


e-mail: info@uzairways.com

International air companies in Uzbekistan

“AIR ASTANA” representative office in Tashkent
www.airastana.com Call: 78 1403002

“ASIANA AIRLINES INC.” representative office in Tashkent
www.csair.com Call: 71 2318880

“KOREAN AIR LINES” representative office in Tashkent
www.koreanair.com Call: 78 1292001, 71 2542001

“TURKISH AIRLINES” representative office in Tashkent
www.thy.com Call: 78 1470849, 78 1470850

“AERofLOT – Russian AIRLINES” representative office in Tashkent 
www.aeroflot.ru Call: 78 1200555, 78 1200556, 78 1200557

“UKRAINE INTERNational AIRLINES” representative office in Tashkent  
www.flyuia.com Call: 71 2522073, (+99893) 5012073, (+99893) 5553711

“URAL AIRLINES” representative office in Tashkent
www.uralairlines.ru Call: 71 2814443, 71 2814388

“YAKUTIYA” representative office in Tashkent
www.yakutia.aero Call: 71 2805616, 71 2805155

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