Customs regulations

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As in all international airports in Uzbekistan there are two channels of passing –”green” and “red”.

Goods free of duty

If you arrive in Uzbekistan through international airports, you can import goods without duty up to $ 2000, through railway and river checkpoints – up to $ 1000, through road (pedestrian) checkpoints – up to $ 300. In this case, you do not need to specify them in the customs Declaration and can go through the “green” corridor.

But, there are any restrictions on the duty-free import of some goods. In particular, alcohol, including beer – up to 2 liters, tobacco products of different types – up to 10 boxes, Cologne and liquids containing alcohol in its composition – up to 3 pieces, precious metal and jewelry made of precious stones – up to 65 grams.

What products are allowed to be exported from Uzbekistan without fees?

If you travel outside the Republic of Uzbekistan, you can freely export goods with the amount of up to 3 000 us dollars. It is not required to specify them in the customs Declaration.

How much money is allowed to import into Uzbekistan?

There are also procedures for the import of cash foreign and national currency.

Individuals have the right to import foreign currency in cash in an unlimited amount. If you exceed the amount of cash foreign currency 2000 us dollars , you must specify this amount in the customs Declaration.

How much money is allowed to export from Uzbekistan?

Export of foreign currency by non-residents, i.e. persons who do not have citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan or foreign persons who do not have a permanent residence in the Republic of Uzbekistan is carried out on the basis of the customs Declaration completed at the entrance to the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

And also, a document certifying the legality of the exported foreign currency in excess of the specified amount by the winners or non-residents who participated in the competitions, contests and Olympiads organized in the Republic is required.

How to fill the customs Declaration?

If you bring to Uzbekistan the amount of more than $ 2000, or items required to be filled in the Declaration, you need to go through the “red” corridor, filling in two copies of the customs Declaration. One copy of the customs control leaves themself, the second with a certified signature and seal gives the guest.

It is important to know that before the end of the trip to Uzbekistan, in any case it is impossible to lose the Declaration: on the way back, by  filling out the Declaration for export, the customs service will verify these two documents.

All detailed information about the procedure of filling in and processing of the passenger customs Declaration you can find on the official website of the customs service of Uzbekistan.


If You do not have sufficient information about customs regulations, you can contact the customs office.

The customs rules for individuals entering the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan сan be found here.

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