Minor Mosque.




Yunusabad district, Xurshid street.



The name “Minor” in the mosque is related to its location in the area. “Minor” comes from the Arabic word “manor”, which means “beacon” or “elevation”. Elders in the area say that this area was higher in the past than in other parts of the city. On the eve of Mubarek Kurbon Khayit, on October 4, 2014, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov took part in the opening of the mosque, accompanied by the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan, architects and builders, as well as the elders of the mahalla. The head of our state highly appreciated the work of our masters, having examined the interior and exterior of the mosque, pavilions based on the national art of carving, decorated with golden water in the courtyard. The mosque has all the modern amenities. The premises of the mosque, the rooms on the ground floor, the imam and the saint, as well as the premises for the staff are equipped with modern heating and cooling systems. The full coverage of the mosque with white marble gives it exceptional beauty, grandeur and luxury. It combines ancient and modern architecture with the charm of pilgrims. Doors and carpets made by experienced and skillful artisans of our country, as well as columns and clutches with the art of carving make the mosque literally a work of art in the eyes of pilgrims. When visiting the Minor mosque (as well as other religious sights of the country), women should cover the exposed parts of the body (back, shoulders and legs).